Stealth Vertical Mounting System

– Low profile, distinctive look really showcases your kit

– Versatile design works with any set up, from 4pc to double bass

– Consolidate your rack tom(s), snare, and cymbal into 1 unit

– The player receives the benefits of a rack without using a rack

– Easy to transport, assemble or break down within seconds

– Allows for easy positioning unlike traditional racks that lock you in and don't move

– Small footprint, no tripods, fits on any stage

– Minimal hardware equals less weight to carry, easier set up and tear down

– Connecting bent bar is designed to avoid the double pedal connector arm

– Works with any brand of drums

– Use your existing tom mount(s) and snare basket

– Three different size nylon bushings included; 3/4″, 7/8″, 1″ to support the tom mount and snare basket from most brands

– Parts Included”
(1) SC-GRSCTLA Chrome series large T-leg assembly
(1) GSMP 14″ tall vertical bar with RMAA tube joint
(1) GSMTL Mini T leg assembly
(1) SC-GPRSBAR 30″ bent bar
(2) SC-GCRA chrome right angle clamp
(2) RMAA-DP nylon bushing set containing 3/4″, 7/8″, 1″ sizes
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GSVMS Stealth Rack For Every Brand