Curved Double-Bass Rack

– Reduces the amount of space required for double bass set ups

– Only 3 feet on the floor

– Accommodates up to 6 toms and 8 cymbals

– Maximum height of 36″

– Can also be used as a single bass rack with side extension

– Serves as base structure for customizing

– Add a side extension to one or both sides to increase mounting space and expand set up – GRS-125C

– Fits into a bag

– Parts Included:
(2) SC-GRSTLA T-Leg assemblies
(1) SC-GRSMTLA mini T-Leg assembly
(3) SC-GPR36 36″ vertical bars
(2) SC-GPR40C 40″ curved horizontal bars
(4) SC-GRSMC multi-clamps
(4) SC-GRSHML hinged memory locks
(10) SC-GPRML memory locks
(2) SC-GRSRA right angle clamps
(2) SC-GRSSRA stackable right angle clamps

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GRS-850DBL Double Bass Rack System