Gibraltar Stealth Docking Station Frame Only

Gibraltar Stealth Docking Station 22″ Rack Bar

Build your own Stealth Rack with a one piece, 22″ U shaped drum rack bar.


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Stealth Docking Station options:

Bundle Frame only

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The Stealth Docking Station U shaped rack bar offers low-profile style and a new way to customize your existing set-up or to build your own compact drum rack. Pair it with Gibraltar drum rack accessories and parts to create unique set ups for acoustic, electronic or hybrid drum kit. You can even convert an existing drum rack set up into a Stealth Docking Station by using your own parts.

Product Features

• Stealth Docking Station U shaped 1.5" diameter rack bar
• Works with all Gibraltar drum rack clamps, accessories and parts
• Designed to sit neatly over a 22" bass drum
• Create acoustic, electronic or hybrid drum set ups

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