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Winter 2012
Treat your drum throne
like royalty
By Tim Kane
Beyond learning proper stick control and indepen-
dence, selecting the most effective drum throne is
the single most important purchase drummers will
ever make. At Gibraltar Hardware, we have devel-
oped more than 18 different styles of drum thrones
to satisfy virtually every desire imaginable, including
a cool new release, titled the 9608 2T drum throne.
Why is selecting the best seat for your drum kit so
important? Buying the wrong drum chair can mean
the difference between learning to play kick drum
patterns absolutely the wrong way, or perhaps even
developing poor posture that will weaken your abil-
ity and endurance to play consistently over time.
The doom and gloom gear-gone-wrong list goes
on and on, but it is imperative that you select a
drum throne that is the most comfortable and ser-
viceable - not the cheapest purchase at the time.
Gibraltar Hardware offers four different drum seat
lines, including traditional round, saddle, dome, and
motorcycle styles. Why we have 18 different drum
chair products within these four categories is to give
drummers the most options regarding their particular
weight, size of buttocks, positioning needs, ease in
transport and color/pattern aesthetics. We even carry
a hybrid style to help double bass drum players maxi-
mize their power and maneuverability between feet
with our new 9608NRG throne seat. Not to mention,
we have also partnered with ROCK-N-SOC USA to
offer several products from their beautiful line of seats
and backrest attachments to enable you to further cus-
tomize your drum throne. We also make available our
own throne separates offering not only backrests and
seat replacements, but also two different throne bases.
Our newest release drum chair model, the 9608
2T drum throne, comes in a few cool color combos
you should defnitely check out. The large X brack-
et underneath offers strong support along with the
contoured back panel that allows for great lumbar
support. It also features the spin height adjustment
to get the height you need and the Gibraltar Super
Foot. This seat measures a whopping 16-inches
wide by 13-inches deep, which is just enough size
to give ultimate comfort to the player while be-
ing compact to carry. Gibraltar utilizes two styles of
materials; a durable textured seat cushion material
mixed with black vinyl side panel covering, with a
stitched Gibraltar color logo and red stitching high-
lights. The seat is built with premium foam padding
contoured for added lumbar support and comfort.
And in a way, this particular chair represents the
many great qualities about the design and ver-
satility of all Gibraltar Hardware drum thrones.
Features that we carry which you should def-
nitely look for when buying a drum throne, include:
• Rock solid single, double braced
and hydraulic leg bases
• Super-lock cast seat fastening system
• Super foot solid foundation rubber feet
• Memory lock height adjustment
Whether you prefer a larger size seat like our mo-
torcycle style or a more simple round variation, the
most important aspect of a drum throne beyond gaug-
ing its foam comfort thickness, locking mechanisms
and overall stability is whether the height adjustment
is tall enough to match your particular playing style.
Rest assured, Gibraltar Hardware treats you
like royalty when it comes to drum thrones.
LT Grey/Grey