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Winter 2012
Other comment threads we’ve found foating in cy-
berspace concern the actual adaptability of the 9700
L-Bar Aluminum Arrowlite legs to support additional
tom-toms or cymbal mounts. Thanks to advancement
in the aluminum fabrication process – and, of course,
some great strength engineering here at Gibraltar
– our Arrowlite leg stands can support a variety of
add-on mounts. The alloy is stronger and more sup-
portive than ever before. In fact, Director of KMC Per-
cussion and Gibraltar Product Manager Ken Freden-
berg says L-stock aluminum is about 30 percent
lighter than steel, but still reacts like double braced.
I personally own a Gretsch Catalina Maple kit and
hang both 10 and 12-inch rack toms off a non-double
braced Gibraltar stand, no problemo. I do this to en-
able my mega 24-inch ride to be positioned closer to
my snare like a standard jazz kit arrangement. Despite
playing about 25 gigs and scores of practices with this
particular set-up, the gear has not once fallen over, nor
does it shake or rattle when struck, and the hardware
still looks and acts like brand new. We’ve noticed quite
a few drummers saying similar things about Gibral-
tar Hardware’s overall lifespan and for good reason.
The 9700 series L-Bar Aluminum Arrowlite leg tripod
stands and boom rods were road tested by our design
team and designed to last as long as steel hardware.
We’ve also received some great accolades from our
peers following Turning Point’s unveiling at NAMM
in January. And our recent nomination for best new
drum hardware with Turning Point at the upcoming
April 7 Musikmesse International Press Awards rocks.
Please continue to let us knowwhat you think, and stay
tuned for more Swing Nut innovations coming soon.
L-Bar Aluminum Arrowlite legs