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Winter 2012
Turning Point Hardware
By Tim Kane
Any chance to downsize the heavy lifting and
time involved as a drummer with gear set-
up and breakdown is a welcomed perk. And
it usually translates into more drumming fun.
The newest engineering masterpieces here at Gi-
braltar, dubbed “Turning Point Hardware” and its ad-
joined “Swing Nut” auto tilter, solve these challenges.
The Swing Nut’s spring-loaded, auto tilting mecha-
nism is positioned atop Gibraltar’s new L-Bar Alu-
minum Arrowlite leg tripod straight stand (9710-TP)
and boom (9709-TP). If you’re all set with stands or
not quite ready to invest in our re-invention of the
standard double-braced stand base design, drum-
mers can still get in on the super popular Swing Nut
action. We sell separate Turning Point boom rods
in short (SC-LBBT-TP) and long (SC-SBBT-TP)
lengths. These rods can be clamped on to any cymbal
stand or rack, and offer a cool memory lock feature.
The Swing Nut and the new 9700 series stands and
boom rods are the perfect marriage, as so many
of you have already noted in online forums. Drum-
mers just press down on the spring, swing the nut,
and mount their cymbal, simple and easy. I can’t
tell you how many times this blogger has wasted
precious time fddling with wing nuts that often
get lost, misplaced and stripped. And there are no
gears inside the Swing Nut mechanism so drum-
mers can position the cymbal at almost any angle.
For me, the Turning Point series will certainly come
in handy during smaller venue shows when I want to
swap out a cymbal fast and just don’t have room for
extra stands to accommodate my full arsenal of metal.
Swing Nut
Gearless Brake Tilter
hinged height