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Agogo Bell Post Mount
Fits on 9.5mm or 10.5mm knurled post.
Accommodates most manufacturers’
mountable agogo bells (1pk)
Shekere Clamp Mount
Allows for mounting of most shekeres
so they can be played in mount (1pk)
Guiro Post Mount
Allows for most Toca, LP and other synthetic
guiros via adjustable mounting system. Guiro
can be played while mounted (1pk)
Cabasa Clamp Holder
Mounts cabasa for easy access. Can also be
played while in mount. Fits on 1/2” to 1-1/2”
dia tubes (1pk)
Cowbell Bass Drum Pedal Mount
Mounts cowbells, blocks, or tambourines to
an adjustable foor stand which accepts most
bass drum pedals (1pk)
Wind Chime Mount with Clamp
Mounts wind chimes with center hole with
felts and wing nuts. Wind chime arm is held
via eye bolt. Clamp section fts 1/2” to 1-1/2”
dia tubes (1pk)
Bongo Stand Top
The top section of a Gib 9616 Bongo Stand.
Allows sturdy mounting of bongos to rack
systems or double conga stands. Fits 1/2” to
1-1/2” dia. tubes or rack bars (1pk)
Bongo Double Conga Stand Mount
Attaches to any double conga stand to allow
secure mounting of bongos. Clamping style
bongo mount (1pk)