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Bass Drum Pedals
Gibraltar’s Intruder pedals give you three drive options to best suit your technique and playing style.
Intruder Features:
Pedal board height adjustment independent of spring tension or beater angle
Fast rocker hub spring assembly with bearing spring hook
Aluminum Rock stabilizer plate with tool kit
Dual Surface, balanced, self-aligning beater with non-slip memory lock mechanism (Pat no 117,437)
Case hardened U-joints on double pedals
Includes fully padded carrying bag
Nothing ismore important than that right “feel” to your pedal. Gibraltar offers fve series of pedals to ft your playing style
and budget. Our Intruder Series is one of the industry’s fnest and most reliable pedals, featuring cam, direct drive and
sprocket drives. The Avenger Series utilizes the same cam drive system as the Intruder, with simpler execution while the
clean and simple feel of our Prowler and Velocity Series offer unmatched speed and value.
Dual Chain Drive Single Pedal
Dual Chain Cam gives a solid,
powerful feel.
Dual Chain Double Pedal
Strap Drive Cam
Dual Chain Drive Cam
Direct Drive Cam
Hoop Mount