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Small Hardware andAccessories Bag with plastic inner lining.
Perfect for small stands; throne bases, snare stands or for various rack
and stand attachments.
Dimensions: 32” x 11” x 11”
Large Hardware andAccessories Bag
Longer version of the GHB-M. Fits racks with curved and V-style bars.
Dimensions: 52” x 11” x 11”.
MediumHardware andAccessories Bag
Perfect for stands of all types. Fits hi-hat stands without disassembling the upper
section. Also fts Gibraltar racks, with the exception of the GRS 400C and 100C.
Dimensions: 48” x 11”x 11”
With Keyboard
For Electronic drums
Shown with Roland TD9 Electronic Kit
(not included)
Electronic set up accessories:
(8) SC-GPRMCmulti clamps
(1) SC-EA-100 grabber extension arm
(2) SC-4425D-1 Tom L-rod 10.5mm arms
(1) SC-LRM 10.5mm L-rod
(2) SC-3325B-1 Cymbal boom arms
Keyboard set up accessories:
(1) SC-EA-100 grabber extention arm
(1) SC-GEMCmounting arm
Hardware Transport Bag
32” bag with inset wheels makes it easy to transport
your STEALTH rig from gig to gig.
54” Rack Bag withABS insert
Gibraltar’s most popular rack bag. Fits
most manufacturers’ straight or curved
bar rack systems.
Long Hardware Transport Bag
44” bag with inset wheels
This high test nylon bag has heavy-duty zippers withABS
perimeter reinforcements, rails on back panel with fold up
side panels so it holds open when you insert stands.
Dimensions: 44” x 11” x 11”
Sling Style Stick Gig Bag
Sling style stick bag holds up to 6
pair sticks/mallets. Attaches to foor
tom with plastic clip and has acces-
sory pockets for keys, iPod, and