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Gibraltar Multi Purpose Rack
1.5” diameter chromed steel rack tubes
Two-post Power Rack design
Pack Includes:
(1) 43.5” horizontal rack tube
(2) 30” vertical posts with dual
position fxed T-leg
(2) SC-GPRMC Multi clamps
(2) SC-GPRML Memory locks
With DJ Gear
Gibraltar’s Multi-Purpose, Power Rack has raised the bar and lowered the price, to allow more players to get involved in the
world of racks. And not only drummers, this rack works for keyboard and home DJ’s too. Includes instructional booklet that
educates on rack set-up tips and tricks. Multiple uses using additional Gibraltar mounting accessories.
Check out
for more information on these set ups.
DJ set up accessories:
(1) SC-EA-100 grabber extention arm
(1) GEMS-T top section
(2) SC-GEMCmounting arms
(1) GMAT folding accesory table
WithAcoustic drums
Acoustic set up accessories:
(2) SC-DWLR L-Rod arms
(3) SC-GPRMCmulti clamps
(3) SC-3325B-1 cymbal boom arms
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