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Snare basket and no leg hi-hat
can be mounted directly from
rack for clean set-up.
Shown above with optional Mounting Accessories
(1) GRSMC Multi clamp
(1) SC-LBBT Long Boom Cym Arm
(1) 9707NL-DP No Leg Hi-Hat Stand
(1) SC-GRSRA Right Angle Clamp
(1) SC-GPRML Memory Lock
(1) GLMP 14” extension tube (with adaptors)
(1) GUASB Ultra Adjust snare basket
(2) Tom Arm (model depends on brand see catalog for spec guide)
(1) 6611 Bass Drum Pedal
(1) Tom arm for hanging foor tom (see catalog for spec chart)
(1) SC-GRSMC Multi Clamp
(1) SC-SBBT Short Cym Boom Arm
Road Series Rolling Rack
The GRSRR Drum Set Rolling Rack
• Fits any brand 5 piece drum set
• Hanging foor tom option
• Mount snare drum directly to rack (snare basket optional)
• 3’ swivel casters
System Includes:
(2) 3325B-1 Boom Arms
(2) 30” vertical uprights with cymbal boom attachments
and 3” rack casters with brakes and memory locks
(1) 30” horizontal from bar
(4) GRSMC Road Series Multi clamp
(4) GRSHML Hinged Memory Locks
(1) GRS-LOGO badge
Custom set up using GRSRR
Drum Set Rolling Rack
Chris Adler - Lamb of God
Rack Caster
Converts T-leg assembly
into moveable system.
3” wheel with brake.