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The needs of the percussionist are just as great as a set drummer. Which is why Gibraltar designed a
complete and innovative line of stands and support hardware for concert, symphonic or any style of play.
Specialty Stands
3-Mount Platform Stand
Many mounting options for the
drummer and percussionist.
Holds 3/4” diameter to 1-1/4”
diameter arms. Adjusts from 26”
to 41”, collapses to 26”
Electronic Mounting Stand
Developed to give a solid
mounting option for electronic
components needed by
today’s musician. Great for
drummers, guitar players,
keyboard players, and DJ’s.
16 1/2” mounting arms with
adjustable rubber stoppers.
Hinged height adjustment
adjusts from 28” to 42”.
Folds for easy transport.
Memory locks at
clamping section.
Electronic MountingArms
with Clamp (pair)
GEMS shown
with GEMAT
Top Section
T-top only
not included).
iPod MP3 stand Mount
Mount your iPod or MP3 player to any stand. Fits tube
diameters 5/8” to 1-5/8”. 9” gooseneck with padded
adjustable MP3 mount with position lock and back up
security tether.
Accessory Mounting Table
with Folding Mount
12”x12” fberglass table covered in
black felt and clamps to vertical tube
of GEMS or any stand. Table folds to
an upright position for easy transport.
Folds for easy transport
Quad Mount
Mounts two cymbal arms
and two Ball L-rods (not
included, see page 17)
7700Q shown with GEMS
and Roland TD9 Electronic
kit (not included)