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Flat Base stands bring the vintage fat base design with features
for today’s drummer. Low mass tri-leg with cast adjustments
and Gibraltar’s exclusive “Key Lock” that prevents any tri-leg
movement. Hinged height adjustment withABS inserts for no
metal-to-metal contact.
Vintage look tri-leg fat base with cast key lock
Hinged height adjustments with ABS “Super Lock” inserts
Brake style gearless snare basket adjustment
Snare Stands
Professional Double-Braced Snare Stands were designed to be heavy duty, not heavy. Features include a low mass, collapsible
parallel-braced leg base assembly; Super-Lock height adjustment mechanism with no metal-to-metal contact.
Low mass, collapsible parallel-braced leg base assembly
“Super-Lock” height adjustment mechanism with no metal to metal contact
Super Foot for solid support
Pro No Leg
Ultra Adjust
Snare Stand
Adjusts 16” to 28”
Collapses to 17”
Tube Diameters:
1-1/4”, 1”
No Leg Snare Stand utilizes
Gibraltar’s UltraAdjust basket
adjustment with no leg base for
rack and multi stand setups.
Every drummer has a different style and different needs to ft that style. Gibraltar snare drum stands are designed to
ft into any playing setup or situation with fve series of stands to ft all styles and needs. Each series provide unique
features and innovations, while maintaining the high standards that are Gibraltar.
Setup featuring 9606NL
Vintage Flat Base
Snare Stand
Adjusts 15” to 24”
Collapses to 16”
Weight: 6 lbs
Tube Diameters:
7/8”, 3/4”
Pro Ultra Adjustable
Snare Stand
Adjusts 13 1/2” to 20”
Collapses to 16”
Weight: 9 lbs
Tube Diameters:
1-1/4”, 1”
No gears, just easy “Ultra” adjustment to get the
exact snare basket position. Sturdy tripod base
with Gibraltar’s stabilizer super foot and hinged
height adjustment with memory lock.
SC-EA 100
adjustable grabber clamp
16” down tube
Diameter: 1”
SC-EA 200
ExtensionArmwith ratchet
super grabber clamp
Extends from 13” to 25”
SC-EA 300
Ultra Adjust “Flex” Exten-
sionArmwith Super Grabber
Clamps and LengthAdjustment
Extends from 22” to 28”
No Leg Snare Stand
JimRiley - Rascal Flatts