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Rock Solid double-braced base
Super-lock cast seat tension system
“Super Foot” solid foundation rubber feet
Memory lock at height adjustment
Workstation Throne
Puts the drummer’s important
playing tools within easy reach.
Includes Velcro mounted stick
holder, accessory / cup holder,
and players towel that can be
mounted anywhere on the seat
side panels for easy access
Adjusts: 20” to 27”
Seat Dimensions:
13 3/4” round
3 1/2” tall
Hydraulic Throne
Features a 17” plush
Cordura Moto style seat with
easy-to-use lever hydraulic
height adjustment
Adjusts: 19.5” to 26”
Seat Dimensions:
17 1/4” wide
15 1/4” deep
3 3/4” tall
Motorcycle Style
Contoured Seat
Adjusts: 20” to 28”
Seat Dimensions:
16 3/4” wide
14 3/4” deep
4 3/4” tall
Round Vinyl Seat
Adjusts: 20” to 28”
Seat Dimensions:
13 3/4” round
3 1/2” tall
Dome Throne
Dome seat design incorporates
ergonomic seating into your
playing routine. The result is
improved posture, balance,
circulation and core strength
Adjusts: 19 1/2” to 29”
Seat Dimensions:
13” round
4 1/4” tall
Being the driving force behind the band is anything but a cushy job. So tomake what you domore comfortable,
GIBRALTAR offers more models of thrones than any other drum company. You select the throne of your choice
or if you prefer, you can purchase a seat or a base separately. Giving you a greater selection and more options
are what make Gibraltar thrones the leading brand in the market.
Oversized Motorcycle Seat
with Extra Soft Foam
Adjusts: 20” to 28”
Seat Dimensions:
18 3/4” wide
15 3/4” deep
Gibraltar Universal
Back Rest Attachment
The GUBR clamps to the post section
of a standard throne and is adjustable
in height for added back support. (Not
compatible with hydraulic thrones)
Gibraltar Back Rest Attachment
Fits 9608OS, 9608HMmodels
Softy Throne
5” Thick Super Soft Seat
Adjusts: 21” to 30”
Seat Dimensions:
13 3/4” round
5” tall
Gibraltar Throne
Footrest Attachment
Fits in between Gibraltar throne double leg
brace and creates a convenient footrest.