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  • New Gibraltar Series: Nothing But Options | Brent's Hang

    This is a teaser for Gibraltar Hardware's new series titled Nothing But Options. Brent demo's how to take each set-up from stock to custom. Pulling from Gibraltar's extensive catalog of parts and accessories Brent's goal is to inspire you to create your own custom set-ups based on your style, needs and desires.
  • Stock to Custom 1 Up, 1 Down | Brent's Hang NBO Series #1

    This is the first episode in our Nothing But Options series showing the conversion of a stock drum set-up to a custom one using Gibraltar stands, racks, and accessories.
  • 1 Up, 1 Down w/Stealth & Racks | Brent's Hang NBO Series #2

    This is the second episode in our Nothing But Options series showing the conversion of a stock drum set-up to a custom one using Gibraltar stands, racks, and accessories.
    00:17 Option D Vertical Stealth w/side Stealth
    03:05 Option E Vertical Stealth w/Cymbal Stands
    04:33 Option F Vertical Stealth w/3 Platform Mount Tom Stand
    06:11 Option G Stealth Side Racks
    08:36 Option H Curved Side Racks
  • Stock to Custom w/Cymbal Stands 2Up, 2Down | Brent's Hang NBO #3

    Gibraltar Hardware continues the Nothing But Options series with 2Up, 2Down drum set-ups. Brent walks us through how to customize your set-up using Gibraltar cymbal stands & accessories.
  • Customizing 2Up, 2Down Using Tom Stands | Brent's Hang NBO #4

    Gibraltar Hardware continues our Nothing But Options series with 2Up, 2Down drum set-ups. Brent walks us through how to customize your set-up using Gibraltar tom stands & accessories. Brent customizes the set-ups using different hardware while always keeping the cymbal placement the same.
  • Stealth Racks 2Up, 2Down | Brent's Hang NBO #5

    Gibraltar Hardware continues our Nothing But Options series with 2Up, 2Down drum set-ups. Brent walks us through how to customize your set-up using the Gibraltar stealth racks. Brent customizes the set-ups using different hardware and tom placements while always keeping the cymbal placement the same.
  • Stealth & Curved Side Racks 2Up, 2Down | Brent's Hang NBO #6

    Gibraltar Hardware continues our Nothing But Options series with 2Up, 2Down drum set-ups. Brent walks us through how to customize your set-up using the Gibraltar stealth racks and curved racks. Brent customizes the set-ups using different hardware and tom placements while always keeping the cymbal placement the same.
  • 3-Sided Rack 2Up, 2Down | Brent's Hang NBO #7

    Gibraltar Hardware continues our Nothing But Options series with 2Up, 2Down drum set-ups. Brent walks us through how to customize your set-up using Gibraltar 3 sided drum racks. Their are hundreds of ways to customize your drum set-up, by using different hardware and tom placements, while always keeping the cymbal placement the same, Brent shows the possibilities you have to achieve whatever stye and function you're looking for.
  • Hybrid Racks & Stands for 2Up, 2Down | Brent's Hang NBO #8

    Gibraltar Hardware continues our Nothing But Options series with 2Up, 2Down drum set-ups. Brent walks us through how to customize your set-up using a hybrid of rack bars, cymbal stands and tom stands. Their are hundreds of ways to customize your drum set-up, by using different hardware and tom placements, while always keeping the cymbal placement the same, Brent shows the possibilities you have to achieve whatever stye and function you're looking for.
  • Gibraltar's New Flatter Drum Bags | Brent's Hang

    Our new drum bags are collapsible taking up less space for easier storage during the gig.
  • Don't Lose The Gig, Be Prepared | Brent's Hang

    It's inevitable that parts will break or get lost. You can't plan for everything but you can be prepared with Gibraltar tech kits.
  • Happy Cinco de Mayo 6700 Hardware Pack | Brent's Hang

    The 6700 Series combines the best features of the 9600 and 6600 series into one. Heavy-duty construction, but light enough in weight and mass for easy transport. Cymbal stands have been upgraded with Brake tilters, 18" boom rods with memory lock, G contour super-lock height adjust. The hi hat stand is fitted with direct drive linkage and the brand new G Class fast touch foot board.
  • Double Braced Lightweight Hardware Pack | Brent's Hang

    These stands feature low-mass double braced construction with double braced tripod, hinged height adjustment with nylon bushings for no metal-to-metal contact.
  • Options for Mounting Splash Cymbals & Aux Hi-Hats | Brent's Hang

    Cymbal mounting with Gibraltar's SC-4425STMB Splash Tree Boom Arm allows you to customize your set-up and get your splash cymbals right where you want them without taking up a lot of space with boom arms. If you want to mount your Auxillary Hi-Hat to a rack we have the SC-4425XHMB, an X hat on a 4425 MB Mini Boom Arm.
  • Medium Double Braced Hardware Pack | Brent's Hang

    The 5700 PK Hardware pack features updated G style super lock height adjustments, 3-tier stands with hinged height adjustments, two-point hideaway boom and cast metal collars. All these features make this the post popular hardware packs in the offering.
  • Gibraltar's Accessory Tables and Trays | Brent's Hang

    Drummers and percussion players need something to hold your stuff; wallets, keys, percussion instruments, electronics or whatever miscellaneous items you have that you want to keep close by. Gibraltar has a few options to solve your problems.
  • New Direct Drive Avenger Pedal | Brent's Hang

    Gibraltar Hardware's Brent Barnett talks about the new direct drive Avenger single and double pedal. If you combine a chain drive and a strap drive you get a fast, powerful feeling pedal.
  • Looking To Mount Electronics To Your Set-up? | Brent's Hang

    Brent demo's the options Gibraltar Hardware offers for mounting electronics to your acoustic set-up. The "GEMS" Electronics Mounting Station was developed by Gibraltar to give a solid mounting option for electronic components needed by today's musician. The GEMS stand is lightweight and portable, yet secure and sturdy enough to handle many types of electronics.
  • New Drum Rack Packages | Brent's Hang

    Gibraltar has released new drum rack packages to make it easier to find the right combination for your needs. The GCS300 series a chrome, curved basic front rack with 30 inch vertical legs and a 46 inch cross bar. GCS150C Curved side extension in chrome with 40 inch curved with 30 inch vertical with mini T leg. GCS375C Same basic rack but with 2- 24 inch curved side wings and 4 multi clamps. GRS300C Basic front curved rack with black clamps. A 40 inch curved horizontal cross bar and 30 inch vertical legs. GRS125C Curved side extension with black clamps with mini T legs
  • Drum Throne Options From Gibraltar | Brent's Hang

    Brent reviews Gibraltars new drum thrones going over the seat styles, heights, materials and base options. This is the 6600 and 9600 series drum thrones.
  • NAMM 2014 Gibraltar Booth Walk Through | Brent's Hang

    Brent walks us through the Gibraltar Hardware's booth giving a quick preview of NAMM 2014's new Gibraltar products. More details on the products (especially our new cajon drum set-up) will be covered in future Gibraltar videos as well as some insightful drummer interviews from our artists who stopped by the booth.
  • New Gibraltar Tom Stands & Accessories | Brent's Hang

    NAMM 2014 is coming upon us and we have a few new Gibraltar Harware Tom Stands & accessories to show off. Not all of these products will be at NAMM but hopefully you'll find something here that will make your life as a drummer easier and add a little extra style as well.

    Brent reviews the variety of Hi-Hat Clutches available from Gibraltar Hardware. It's not always about the big racks and crazy drum set ups, sometimes it's the simple things that get you through the gig that matter most.
  • Gibraltar's 5711 Bass Drum Pedal | Brent's Hang

    Brent gives the details on Gibraltar's 5711S single and the 5711DB double bass drum pedal. Single Chain CAM Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal Clean and simple with quick response. New features include; fast touch "G" pedal board design and dual surface balanced bass drum beater. The single chain CAM drive action gives fast response in a simple design without too many adjustments.

    Bass drum beaters can effect how your bass drum feels when you play and the sound you get out of the drum. Brent explores Gibraltar Hardware's variety of drum beaters that we have to choose from. From felt beaters to wood to self aligning to variable weighted, we've got something that will be right for your style.
  • GIBRALTAR'S 6711 DRUM PEDALS | Brent's Hang

    Brent highlights the features of Gibraltar's new 6711 single and double bass drum pedals. Dual Chain Double CAM Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal Fast, double CAM action with simple execution. New features include; fast touch "G" pedal board design and dual surface balanced bass drum beater. Single pedals have a two bearing per drive system; four on double pedals. Easy key access adjustable hoop clamp, adjustable spring tension and Rock stabilizer plates with spring loaded spurs and just enough Velcro to hold position.
  • AWESOME CLAMP SHOW | Brent's Hang

    Gibraltar Hardware offers clamps for just about everything you could ever imagine. Brent shows off accessory clamps to mount your drum accessories to stands, Gibraltar is all about giving the drummer options to customize their drum kits to fit their playing style. These accessory clamps is one product that really helps drummers get their set-up in the perfect configuration.
  • BREAKING DOUBLES | Brent's Hang-G Class Double Pedal

    It's here! Gibraltar brings you the G Class Double pedal. It has all the features of the single pedal but as Brent says, time 2. And we didn't leave out you lefties so we have a left handed double pedal as well. The new G-Class was inspired by the demand for a pedal that could offer an ideal blend of power, speed, and style. The result is exactly that. Elegantly fusing innovation with function, the G-Class pedal is loaded with ground-breaking new control features. The unique design eliminates set-up complexities, and allows the player to fine tune the pedal's "feel" quickly and precisely. Gibraltar's G-Class pedal is a one-of-a-kind, high performance machine-from the beater, all the way down to the die-cast foundation plate.
  • Which Drum Key Is Right For You? | Brent's Hang

    Gibraltar offers a large variety of drum accessories. When it comes to drum keys we have something to fit any need you might have for tuning your drums, replacing heads, high torque, drum racks, you name it.
  • How To Protect Your Bass Drum | Brent's Hang

    Gibraltar's Brent Barnett shows a selection of bass drum pads to protect your bass drum head along with some other cool accessories including hoop guards to protect your rim from being damaged. Does your bass drum creep away when you play? The Gibraltar Hardware bass drum anchor is the perfect solution for either carpet or hard playing surfaces. Remember to practice safe drumming.
  • How to Adjust Gibraltar's Cajon Pedal Cable | Brent's Hang

    Gibraltar Hardware's Brent Barnett shows how to properly set-up the GCP- Gibraltar's Cajon Pedal to get the best action and playing feel from the pedal. The most important part of the set-up is the cable adjustment. Parts can shift when shipping from the factory, or the way the pedal was first adjusted might be off. Either way, simple modifications to the cam and vertical supports will get you the range and feel you desire from this pedal.
  • Gibraltar's Drumstick Holders | Brent's Hang

    You dropped your stick, you're dying of thirst but with Gibraltar's stick bags and drink holders you can keep on playing without missing a beat. Ok it may seem frivolous until you're in the middle of your set and you can't reach your sticks or that liter of water is just out of reach and you feel like you might pass out.
  • Tool Kits For The Working Drummer | Brent's Hang

    As a working drummer your gear starts to breakdown, you start losing things. Small things like cymbal felts, sleeves, tension rods falling off into the black hole in the stage. Gibraltar designed the SC-DTK, the drummer tech kit, to supply you with these most common items as backups so that you drummers can keep going. For drum rack lovers, we have the RF-TKIT, rack factory tech kit. This kit provides some cool accessories to take care of your kit from polishing your chrome to leveling your rack to key tools needed to make everything work smoothly. SC-DTK DRUMMERS TECH KIT RF-TKIT RACK FACTORY TECH KIT
  • Breaking Down The "G Class" Pedal In Full Detail | Brent's Hang

    Brent breaks down Gibraltar's 9711 GS "G Class" bass drum pedal in full detail showing the key features of this badass pedal. One cool feature Brent will highlight is how to convert the pedal for use on a cocktail kit.
  • How To Cut A Hole In Your Bass Drum Head | Brent's Hang

    We're not talking heating up the pork & beans can and burning it through the logo head! Gibraltar Hardware offers a couple of solutions to help you cut a perfect hole in your bass drum head. Brent demo's the hole cutter tool and how to install the port hole protector. When you cut the hole in your bass drum head, the positioning of it is important. The sound will be different depending on where you cut the hole. That's why we recommend starting with the resonant head facing you, then puncture a hole with the hole cutting tool to mark your position and then turn it over to make the actual cut.
  • Gibraltar's Gong Show | Brent's Hang

    Gibraltar Hardware is the only major brand focused exclusively on drum hardware. We don't build drums. Gibraltar is an open system that works with any brand of drums allowing you to build custom hardware solutions to any needs you have as a drummer. The Samurai, the Octogong Stand and the Gong Easel are three concept gong stands Brent created for a new project. These custom designs demonstrate how function and style intersect using Gibraltar Hardware and your creativity..
  • What Is Clampology? | Brent's Hang

    Everything you wanted to know about Gibraltar Hardware's clamps and how to best use them in your set up.
  • Use Your Existing Stands To Build A Rack Set-Up | Brent's Hang

    Hybrid set ups. Are they racks or stands? Brent walks us through a few different options on how to use your existing stands combined with rack bars to customize your drum set up, open up floor space and have more room to expand and add cymbals and other fun stuff.
  • How To Create Floor Space Using No Leg Stands | Brent's Hang

    Drummers are always looking for ways to clean up their stage floor. Gibraltar's Legless Snare Stand, Legless Hi Hat Stand, and Legless Cymbal Stand are three options to open up floor space and give drummers more room.
  • How To Convert Floor Toms To Rack Toms | Brent's Hang

    Brent demo's Gibraltar's SC-GTS Suspension System and the SC-USS Universal Suspension System. These products are great if you have a floor tom with legs and you want to convert it to a hanging floor tom or if you have a rack tom with the drum bracket drilled directly into the shell but you don't want the bracket on the shell and you want it suspended.
  • What Does Backline Mean Today? | Gibraltars Brent's Hang

    Gibraltar visited 2 of our major backline suppliers, CenterStaging and SIR, to get their perspectives on what backline means today. We talk with Johnny Lord from CenterStaging about TV shows and then Kelly Scott from SIR about the drummers perspective on backline.
  • 4 Cymbals and 3 Toms on 2 Stands | Brent's Hang

    Gibraltar Hardware's 7700Q Quad Stand opens up many mounting options for your drum set up. Our goal is to provide drummers with as many options as possible so that you can personalize your set up to fit your playing style.
  • How to Mount Two Heavy Toms on One Stand: Brent's Hang

    Gibraltar offers the 9813 DP a sturdy double tom mount stand for you drummers with heavy drums looking to mount two toms at a time.
  • How Tom Mount Stands Offer Set-Up Options | Brent's Hang

    Manufacturers dictate how your drum kit is set up when you buy it. Gibraltar Tom Mount stands is one way we offer drummers the option to personalize your set-up the way you want it. The 9613-PM Tom Mount Stand is a good place to start.
  • Cymbal Mounting In Tight Spaces: Brent's Hang

    Gibraltar Hardware's series on cymbal mounting continues, demonstrating a few products to mount cymbals when you have limited space. You don't always want to add, and pay for, another cymbal stand so Gibraltar has come up with a number of solutions for drummers to fit just about any need you have to help you get the sound you're looking for.
  • Cymbal Stacking: Save Space and Money

    Gibraltar offers a number of options on how to stack your cymbals to spice up your kit and experiment in getting cool new sounds. A lot of drummers do this to save space and money. A cymbal stacker is a lot cheaper than a new cymbal stand. Plus it looks pretty cool.
  • Looking for Tom Mounting Options? Brent Shares A Few Favorites

    Every drummer has to mount their drums. Brent shares a few of his favorite tom mounting options from Gibraltar Hardware. These are just a few of the options Gibraltar has available. We'll be doing more tom mounting videos soon.
  • Add Cymbals Without Adding Cymbal Stands: Gibraltar's BRENT'S HANG

    Adding new cymbals to your set up doesn't mean you have to add more stands and if you have a drum rack you definitely don't want to add stands. In this weeks Brent's Hang, Brent goes through some of the options for cymbal boom arms to help drummers add cymbals and also get the placement exactly where you want it on your kit whether you use stands or a drum rack. Floor space is always an issue and so is cost when putting your kit together. Cymbal booms are a great way to keep your cost down and minimize your footprint on stage.
  • Cymbal Mounts | You Want That Where? Part One

    Gibraltar Hardware's Brent's Hang. Before you buy another cymbal stand here are some cool accessories to help you add cymbals and other percussion instruments to spice up your drum set up. Gibraltar Hardware offers a number of cymbal mounting options to add cymbals and percussion toys to customize your drum set up any way you like it.
  • New Products To Help Make Drummers Life Easier: Gibraltar

    Gibraltar Hardware created two new products the Telescoping Hi Hat and The Quick Release Hi Hat Clutch. Both were designed to help drummers set up, tear down, customize and basically stop worrying about their drum hardware so they can just do what you love to do; play drums.
  • Flat Base Stands Offer Tradition and Less Weight

    Gibraltar Hardware's Flat Base Stands offer drummers that traditional clean look and save on weight making it easier to move your gear around. Elvis Monroe drummer and former Matchbox 20 drummer Ryan MacMillan gives some insight as to why he prefers the flat base stands over drum racks.
  • Greg Garman Plays Cajon Like A Kick Drum: Gibraltar's Brent's Hang

    Gibraltar's Cajon Pedal solves the problem drummers are always faced with regarding space and volume issues. Drums are loud and they take up a lot of space and many gigs restrict what you can bring regarding your kit. Let's face it, many small gigs would be happy if you didn't bring drums at all. So many times drummers will bring percussion instruments to replace the drum kit.
  • New G Class Bass Drum Pedal From Gibraltar: Brent's Hang

    Gibraltar launched the new G Class bass drum pedal at NAMM 2013 and the reviews have been great. In this webisode of Brent's Hang we review some of the many features of the pedal. Speed and power are key features in this pedal. Brent and a couple of other drummers talk about how the new kick drum pedal can fit their varied drum styles.
  • NAMM 2013-Gibraltar wins a "Best in Show" & Launches Brent's Hang

    NAMM 2013 was the launch pad for new products from Gibraltar Hardware. We're very proud the Gibraltar Cajon Pedal was selected as a "Best In Show" product at the 2013 NAMM Show. We also unveiled the new G Class drum pedal which got a LOT of attention at the show. Watch as drummers Dale Moon, Greg Garmen, Kris Mazzarisi, Bart Robley, Nir Z, Rona Rougeheart, Chaun Horton, and Van Romaine check out the new drum pedal.
  • Gibraltar Cajon Pedal - Setup Video

    Gibraltars Cajon pedal turns your cajon into an acoustic bass drum. It's great for lower volume playing situations where a standard drum set bass drum is too loud. This pedal is perfect for drum set players; it allows you to play traditionally with your foot righty or lefty opening more options for the drummer.
  • Shawn Pelton Introduces the Gibraltar Cajon Pedal

    Saturday Night Live house drummer Shawn Pelton visited the studio the other day to try out the all new Gibraltar Cajon Pedal. Watch as Shawn demonstrates how to use the pedal and cajon as a bass drum in a percussion-style set-up as an alternative to a drum set. The Gibraltar Cajon Pedal adds a new level of flexibility to any "unplugged" gig, where you are using a cajon but want your hands free for other instruments.
  • New Cymbal Stands: Cool Things from Gibraltar

    Introducing new cymbal stands as part of the lightweight award winning Turning Point drum hardware series featuring the patented Swing Nut. This is the 6000 series which includes the 6609-TP hideaway boom stand featuring the Swing Nut attachment. Plus the 6610-TP straight cymbal stand with the Swing Nut attachment.
  • How to Mount A No Leg Hi Hat Stand: Brent's Hang

    Brent talks about the options to mount a no leg hi hat stand either to a drum rack or to a cymbal stand. For a drum rack we have the SC-EA100. It is an extension arm with an adjustable grabber clamp on one end. You use a regular multi-clamp (SC-GCRMC) to attach the other end to the rack. If you need more pipe length you can add the SC-EA200 extension arm. To mount to a cymbal stand use the SC-EA300 with multi-angle grabber clamp on both ends. With the Ultra Adjust Ball it allows you to position it at any angle you want. It also has a built in extension arm for positioning options.
  • How to Mount No Leg Snare Stand: Brent's Hang

  • Bumper For Snare Drum Rash: Cool Things From Gibraltar

    Gibraltar Hardware's solution for snare drum rash. The SC-BUMP drum bumper to prevent destroying your drum finish. Neoprene product that just slides over the rim of the snare. No glue. No sticky residue. Another cool product.
  • Cymbal Stacker: Cool Things from Gibraltar

    How to add a second cymbal onto your existing stand by stacking it right on top. Gibraltar Hardware strives to keep innovating and offering drummers nothing but options on how you set up and customize your kits.
  • NAMM 2012: Delmar Wrap for Drum Thrones

    Gibraltar Hardware found a way to laminate Delmar drum wrap to cloth so we wrapped it to our 9708 SFT drum throne. We had a great response intorducing this new product at this year's NAMM 2012 show displaying our "retro chic" colors; white tiger stripe, black diamond, white pearl, black tiger stripe.
  • NAMM 2012: Gibraltar intro's a Swing Nut cymbal attachment

    Gibraltar Hardware introduces at this years NAMM 2012 the Swing Nut Rocket. The newest addition to the Turning Point hardware line. For the fastest cymbal mount ever the Rocket Swing Nut attachment fits onto any 8mm geared tilter. This will change the way you set up your drum kit.
  • Ultra Adjust Boom Stand: Cool Thing from Gibraltar

    Offering drummers the maximum flexibility for postioning we have the 9709 UA-TP. The Ultra Adjust Turning Point boom stand has the Gibraltar patented gearless system. This is part of the new Turning Point hardware line we introduced at NAMM. The new boom stands are lighter weight with the aluminum base reducing the overall weight by 20 percent and our "fastest cymbal mount ever" patented Swing Nut attachment.

    The new Ultra Adjust Mini Boom Cymbal Stand is perfect for tight set ups and multi cymbal mounting situations. The tripod features Gibraltar's Arrowlite chrome plated aluminum L-stock leg base creates a solid foundation and is light-weight for easy transport. A extra long second tier tube measures 20" long and is outfitted with Gibraltar's patented Ultra Adjust gearless system giving infinite cymbal positioning for the boom arm with one tightening point. The stand is topped with a 10" mini hideaway boom arm, gearless brake tilter Swing Nut fast cymbal mounting system.
  • Lug Lock to Prevent Detuning: Cool Things from Gibraltar

    Gibraltar Hardware has a simple solution to drum de-tuning, a long-standing problem faced by thousands of drummers. It's an easy way to prevent your snare drum, rack toms, or floor toms from de-tuning.
  • MP3 Mount For Backing Tracks

    Drummers where do you put your ipod or mp3 player to use for backing tracks? Gibraltar Hardware built the MP3 mount to attach your player to any stand. It'll mount to any hi hat stand or cymbal stand with its multi clamp. The goose neck allows you to position the player where you like it. Another cool thing from Gibraltar.
  • Drummer's Tech Kit: Cool Things From Gibrlatar

    Showing cool custom parts and accessories from Gibraltar Hardware. This is the SC-DTK drummers tech kit. When you're playing that gig and your tension rod backs out and you lose it on the floor or you're losing your cymbal felts this package can save the night.
  • Electronic Mounting Station: Cool Things From Gibraltar

    Gibraltar's Electronic Mounting Station helps drummers mount your laptop or mixer. With all the electronics now being used by drummers we created the EMS to help drummers mount their electronics with a stable and versatile solution. We're always thinking about ways to customize drum racks and drum set ups and the EMS is one of our new "cool things" from Gibraltar.
  • Leg Mounted Practice Pad: Cool Things From Gibraltar

    Strap on your practice pad and stop banging on your legs to warm up. Ok that all sounds kinda kinky but seriously this is a cool thing that prevents those nasty bruises you get from warming up by using your thigh as a snare drum.
  • Mount additional cymbals: Cool Things From Gibraltar

    The deluxe cymbal tilter add-on from Gibraltar Hardware allows drummers to add an additional cymbal to your boom stand. The swiveling tilter provides another option for drummers to adjust and customize their kits to fit their playing style.
  • Rack Building Tech Kit: Cool Things From Gibraltar

    Gibraltar Hardware presents the Rack Factory Tech Kit. This is a great kit when you're building your drum rack.
  • Microphone Adapter: Cool Things From Gibraltar

    Cymbal stands aren't just for cymbals anymore with Gibraltar Hardware's mic adapter. The microphone adapter screws onto any 8mm tilter so you can add a vocal mic or an overhead mic.
  • SC-SPAN Cymbal Mount: Cool Things From Gibraltar

    Many drummers are using 5 or more cymbal stands to mount the cymbals they need. But who wants to carry all the stands? Gibraltar Hardware has a solution for that. The SC-SPAN allows you to mount multiple cymbals to one stand. A lot less to carry to the gig and saves you time on your set up and tear down. A great drum tool for the gigging drummer.
  • S Hook Mount: Cool Things From Gibraltar

    Drummers will love the S Hook Mount because you can add a gong to your set up and percussionists will love it because you can hang your stringing toys. Fits onto any 8mm tilter on a cymbal stand.
  • Drum Throne Foot Rest: Cool Things From Gibraltar

    Everybody uses drum thrones. Drummers, keyboard players, guitarists, even lead singers use drum thrones and sometimes you're looking for a place to rest your foot. Gibraltar Hardware came up with the throne foot rest attachment.
  • Wing Key Percussion Tool: Cool Things From Gibraltar

    This is a multi-purpose tool from Gibraltar Harware for drummers and percussionists. The SC-GWK has a four slot side for small and large wing nuts, a hex style socket for tuning bongo's and conga's and a drum key tuner. Jim demo's the wing key on various size wing nuts, bongo's and conga's and Gibralto-Man's nuts.
  • NAMM 2012 preview: Gibraltar Quick Release Hi Hat Clutch

    How frustrating is it mounting your hi hat cymbals to your hi hats stands... especially when you're being rushed?
    Gibraltar Hardware has created a solution for drummers to make that a lot easier and way faster.
  • How to Free Up Floor Space: Brent's Hang

    Gibraltar Hardware's Brent Barnett aka Brent's Hang answers todays question from drummer boket5u. "Question: Not looking to build a rack, but looking to free up some floor space. Is there a way to attach a rack bar to a cymbal stand (being the center point) and mount stands off of that to the side? OR Is there a way to mount a rack bar between 2 cymbal stands for the same purpose?
  • How to Build a Custom Keyboard Stand: Gibraltar

    Building custom keyboard stands starting with this basic rack structure for a two tiered keyboard set up. With our hardware you can customize to fit any style or set up you're looking for. The rack is very sturdy offering maximum stability while still being extremely light weight. It also makes those fast stage changes easier as it's easy to set up and break down as it's just three parts.
  • Custom DJ Rack

    With Gibraltar Hardware you can build custom and portable DJ racks to fit any set up. Here is the basic building block with a simple out of the box package from Gibraltar. From this starting point, if you can imagine it you can customize it and build your rack set up with style.
  • Gibralto-Man Tours The KMC/Fender Warehouse

    Gibraltar Hardware's hardest working man in show business, Gibralto-man, tours the Ontario CA KMC/Fender warehouse checking things out for Gibraltar. If you've seen the NAMM 2011 photos of him on our Facebook page you know Gibralto-man likes to party... and perhaps he's a bit of the ladies man as well. He's also a tough, but fair, supervisor and just likes to keep the beat going!
  • Drumline and Drum Corps Rolling Frame

    Gibraltar Hardware's GRF is a modular rolling frame designed perfectly for Drum Corps, Drumline and marching band multi-instrument stations giving unlimited mounting options.
  • New Drum Throne Colors: Cool Things From Gibraltar

    Gibraltar Hardware's 9608 2T drum throne now comes in a few other color combos. The large X bracket offers strong support along with the contour back panel that allows for great lumbar support. It also features the spin height adjustment to get the height you need and the Gibraltar Super Foot.
  • Marching Band Modular Rack Design By Gibraltar

    Gibraltar's new rolling drum rack frame is a great solution for the marching band, drumline and Drum Corps drummers and multi instrument players. This is part two in a video series where we show how to set up a 1st tier and 2nd tier rack and how you can customize the design to fit your needs.
  • How To Use Gibraltar's Memory Locks

    Gibraltar Hardware: How to use memory locks for faster set ups and to prevent tom mounts from slipping. When you use the right tool for the job everything works out.
  • Gibraltar Rack Supports 200 lb. "Drum"

    Gibraltar 's Brent Barnett, all 200 lbs, does pull ups on a Gibraltar rack tom mount to prove that using memory locks correctly will prevent your toms from slipping. Brent demo's how to use a combo of slip on and hinged memory locks to prevent any movement on the bar or the clamp.
  • New lightweight cymbal stands

    Our Turning Point hardware features light weight aluminum based stands. It's double braced just like our traditional 9606 brake tilter stands and just as solid but much lighter. The stand still has memory locks for fast set ups including a memory lock for the base to memorize leg height.
  • Swing Nut vs Wing Nut

    Gibraltar Hardware decided to have a "Nut Off" between the swing nut and the wing nut to see which offers the fastest cymbal mount. Every second counts when you're being rushed on and off the stage.
  • Fastest Cymbal Mount Ever

    Gibraltar Hardware's Brent Barnett demo's the quick release of the Swing Nut showing how fast your cymbal changes can happen when using the swing nut, part of Gibraltar's new Turning Point technology.
  • NAMM 2011 product preview: Gibraltar Turning Point Hardware

  • New Products NAMM 2011: Gibraltar's Swing Nut

  • How to mount an iPod to a cymbal stand: Gibraltar

    Introducing the new Gibraltar SC-GMP3MNT iPod and MP3 Stand Mount. Check out the the video and see the most convenient way to include your MP3 right right in your setup at your new practice session or gig.
  • Gibraltar Hardware Quick Release Drum Key

    Introducing Gibraltar Hardware's new SC-GQRDK Quick Release Drum key. The top is knurled for extra grip so you can spin the key when changing heads for extra speed and adjustment. Plus, fast and easy access to the drum key as the quick release attaches to any carabiner clip or landyard
  • How to make a Cymbal Tree for Multiple Splash Cymbals

    With the SC-MCSA6 6-inch Mini Cymbal Stacker you can add second cymbal. Screws onto existing 8mm cymbal tilter (1pk)
  • How to Add 2 Splash Cymbals to a Cymbal Stand

    SC-MCSA4 4-inch Mini Cymbal Stacker. Add 2nd cymbal on top of an existing cymbal tilter 4 inches above an existing stand (1pk).
  • How to Add a Splash Cymbal to a Boom Rod

    Learn how to customize your drum set up with the Deluxe Cymbal Tilter Attachment with Swivel Adjustment. Fits onto most cymbal boom stand rods. Lets you add on additional cymbal to existing cymbal stand (1pk)
  • How to Add a Small Crash Cymbal to the End of a Boom

    SC-CT Add on Cymbal Tilter lets you add a splash or mini cymbal to the end of a 12.7 mm boom rod. Great for adding second cymbal to boom stands (1pk)
  • How to Make Room for a Splash Without a Tripod

    SC-CSA Straight Cymbal Stacker Assembly with Tilter, allows two cymbals (of any size) to be placed on top of each other with approx 8 inches of clearance between them. Mounts on most 6mm and 8mm cymbal stand tops (1pk)
  • How to Mount a 12" Boom Rod for a Splash Cymbal to a Stand

    SC-CMBAC medium cymbal boom attachment clamp lets you mount a splash or small crash cymbal to your existing vertical tube stand, adjustable angle, 12 inch boom (1pk)
  • How to Add a Splash Cymbal to the End of a Boom Stand Rod

    Here's a short clip for drummers to use the SC-CLRA Cymbal L-Arm Ratchet to add a splash with 9.5mm mount to the end of a a 12.7mm boom rod, shaped like an L (1pk)
  • How to Add an 18 inch Splash Boom to a Cymbal Stand

    In this episode of our How To series we show you one way to add an 18 inch splash boom to a cymbal stand.
  • How to Add a Boom Stand for a Splash Cymbal to a Cymbal Stand

    The Long Cymbal Boom lets you add a splash or small crash cymbal to your existing vertical tube stand, 18 inches long (1pk) Improve your style and technique.
  • How to Mount a Splash Cymbal to an Existing Cymbal Stand

    The Cymbal L-Arm with Adjustable Clamp lets you add a splash to your existing vertical tube stand, adjustable angel at ratchet or the clamp, 18 inches long (1pk)
  • How to Stack a Crash or Splash Cymbal to an Existing Cymbal Stand

    Short demo on showing tips and tricks for drummers using the SC-BCSA Boom Cymbal Stacker that lets you add a splash cymbal, crash cymbal, or effects cymbal to the top of your existing 6mm or 8mm cymbal stand with an adjustable boom angle(1pk)
  • How to Add a Splash Cymbal with a Mini Hideaway Boom Arm

    Mini Boom Arm with Hideaway Cymbal Boom lets you add a splash cymbal to your existing vertical tube stand (grabber clamp not included) with an adjustable boom angle, 10 inch vertical tube with 12 inch boom. The 12 inch boom can hide inside the 10 inch tube during transport. Ratchet tilter is 7/8 inch diameter tube (1pk)
  • How to use Gibraltar Hardware's Intruder Bass Drum Pedals

    Everything you wanted to know about Gibraltar Hardware's 9600 Intruder Series Bass Drum pedals to help improve your drumming technique. The key is feel that is why we offer three models. There are three types of bass drum pedals: dual chain, direct drive, and strap drive.
  • Best cymbal stand for drum setup

    In this video Ken talks about the Gibraltar Hardware boom cymbal stands features including durability and design. This stand prevents self vibration noises while recording, and is more flexible and versatile than most other stands because of it's high-quality engineering.
  • DJ Rack Build for Enrique Iglesias TV Performance | Brent's Hang

    Gibraltar Hardware is an open system creating structures to hold any brand of drums, keyboards, DJ set-ups and anything else you can think of! Brent walks us through the build of a DJ rack in part one and a heavy duty keyboard rack in part two.
  • Building A Heavy Duty Keyboard Rack for Backline | Brent's Hang

    Gibraltar Hardware is an open system creating structures to hold any brand of drums, keyboards, DJ set-ups and anything else you can think of! Brent walks us through the build of a DJ rack in part one and a heavy duty keyboard rack in part two.
  • Kent Slucher's New Gibraltar Drum Rack | Brent's Hang

    Luke Bryan drummer Kent Slucher gets a new Gibraltar drum rack here as Brent goes through the rack building process. Kent wanted something stealth, some double tier action and flash! Brent was up to the challenge designing this killer drum rack based on Kent and his drum tech's specs.
  • Complete Build of Sean Fuller's Custom Rack | Brent's Hang

    The complete build out of Sean Fullers new custom Gibraltar rack. Sean (drummer for Florida Georgia Line) Brent & Michael Miller (drum tech) overcome many challenges in constructing this complicated rack design. Gibraltar's open system really shines here as the design was a work in progress throughout the build.
  • Designing Sean Fuller's New Custom Gibraltar Rack | Brent's Hang

    Florida Georgia Line drummer Sean Fuller, drum tech Michael Miller and Brent Barnett go through the process of designing Sean's new custom Gibraltar rack. There were many challenges to over come so we had to tell the story in two parts. In the next video Brent goes through the challenges step by step as we build this awesome new rack.
  • Drum Rack Building Tips: Brent's Hang

    Gibraltar Hardware's Brent Barnett has built dozens of custom drum racks for many of today's best touring drummers. Here are a few of Brent's tips and tricks to help make your life easier when it comes to building and using your Gibraltar drum rack.
  • Building Rashid Williams Custom Rack For John Legend Summer Tour

    Follow behind the scene as Gibraltar Hardware's Brent Barnett, drummer Rashid Williams and drum tech Fonz Hedgeman spend the day designing and customizing Rashid's drum rack for John Legends 2013 summer tour.
  • Building Hannah Ford's Drum Rack For Prince's 2013 Tour

    Hannah Ford is gearing up for Prince's 2013 summer tour and Gibraltar Hardware's Brent Barnett is building a new custom rack for her. Brent walks us through his process of how he builds these custom racks and how he collaborates with drummers to fill their needs.
  • Behind The Scenes: Customizing Spider Rack for ASAP Rocky Tour

    ASAP Rocky Drummer JT Rollerson and Brent Barnett design and build a custom Spider Rack. Filmed at Center Stage in Burbank this mini doc follows Brent as he customizes a Gibraltar Hardware Spider rack for JT and their upcoming tour with Rihanna.
  • Stealth Rack: For Drummers Who Don't Want A Rack

    Many drummers want the benefits and functions of using a rack but don't want to play a traditional rack. Gibraltar Hardware has the solution in the low profile Stealth Rack.
  • Gibraltar Spider Rack

    With its revolutionary looks and incredible flexibility, the Spider Rack is the latest masterpiece from the Gibraltar Rack Factory. The Spider Rack sets up quickly and securely and can be customized to suit your needs with Gibraltar's wide variety of cymbal arm and tom mounting options. Best of all, the low-profile Spider Rack keeps everything in place without obscuring you or your drum set.
  • Gibraltar Key Tree Keyboard/DJ Stand - Build It Project

    Gibraltar artist Kevin Hastings takes you through the setup of the new Key Tree keyboard / dj stand "build-it" project. This versatile stand provides a solid foundation while mounting 2-tier keyboards or dj gear and laptop where you need it.
  • Glen Sobel Gibraltar V Bar Spider Rack

    Gibraltar's Brent Barnett, gives a walk through for the new Glen Sobel drum rack. With keeping the theme of the spider in mind, Brent shows how each piece on the rack is used to independently support the drums and cymbals, which contributes to the desired look.
  • Pitbull's Omar Tavarez's New Custom Drum Rack: Gibraltar

    Gibraltar Hardware rack expert Brent Barnett walks you through how he designed and built Pitbull drummer Omar Travarez's new custom drum rack. Brent gets very detailed in his process and the parts used to create this unique design.
  • Building The NAMM 2012 Drum Rack: Gibraltar Hardware

    Call it Maximum Chromosity or a Chromo-gasm this incredible drum rack was a hit at the NAMM 2012 show. Once again Brent Barnett outdoes himself with this conceptual art piece for drummers. Is it art or a drum rack? It's both Brent says as he details his thought process and how he approaches building custom racks for today's top artists.
  • Building John Otto's (Limp Bizkit) monster drum rack.

    Gibraltar Hardware's Brent Barnett builds the new John Otto drum rack for his current tour with Limp Bizkit. This is a monster drum set up with lots of cymbals. Brent walks us through the construction of this double tier drum rack.
  • How to set up Gibraltar's GCS-450C drum rack

    How to set up the Gibraltar Hardware GRS-450C Road Series drum rack. As you know leveling is the key trick and drum rack expert Brent Barnett demo's the best technique on how to get the best results from your set up.
  • How to set up a Double Bass Drum Rack

    How to set up Gibraltar Hardware's Double Bass Drum Rack GRS-850DBL. Our drum rack expert Brent Barnett demo's the importance of leveling in setting up the rack and a few tips and tricks to make set up easy.
  • Converting A Pearl Rack To A Gibraltar Hardware Rack

    How To: Episode 4 - In this new episode of the Extreme Hardware Makeover video series you will learn the differences between the two drum rack systems demonstrating the multi clamp, memory locks, square rack versus round tubes and the importance of an adjustable T leg in the stability of your rack.
  • How To Customize A Stock Gibraltar Rack

    How To: Episode 5: "Extreme Hardware Makeover". Brent customizes a stock Gibraltar Hardware drum rack demonstrating how Gibraltar offers drummers "no limitations" when designing your drum set up. Brent has a few tips & tricks in this instructional video showing that if you can dream, it you can build it with Gibraltar.
  • Dusty Saxton Custom Gibraltar Drum Rack

    In this video Gibraltar Hardware's Brent Barnett shows how he built a drum rack for Ember's drummer Dusty Saxton. Dusty wanted curved bars with double tiers, and flashy but stealth. Brent suggested he use a combination of ideas from Samantha Maloney and Al Wilson
  • Gregg Lohman and Gibraltar's Stealth Rack

    Gregg Lohman, drummer for Kellie Pickler, sat down to with us to discuss his Gibraltar Stealth Rack before a recent show. See what he has to say about his hardware, touring with Kellie and check out footage he sent us that details every part of his on-stage setup.
  • Basics on how to set up a drum rack: Gibraltar Hardware

    Our drum rack expert Brent Barnett walks you through the basics on how to set up a front curved rack for your drum set up. This rack is the GRS400C road series. As you'll see keeping the vertical and curved horizontal bars level is the key. Once you have this in place you can begin to build and customize using the GRS150C side rack.
  • Samantha Maloney Shows off her New Drum Rack

    Samantha Maloney is on camera showing off her new Gibraltar Hardware drum rack. Brent Barnett worked with Samantha to design this killer new rack. Brent calls it his Low Rider. In this video Samantha talks about wanting a low profile rack. Being symmetrical is important to her playing style. She is currently drumming for Brother Clyde with frontman Billy Ray Cyrus. She has also toured with Motley Crue and Hole.
  • Building Samantha Maloney's Custom Drum Rack: Gibraltar

    Gibraltar Hardware's Brent Barnett and Samantha Maloney discuss her new rack. No, not THAT rack... a new custom Gibraltar Hardware drum rack! This is part one of a two part video. In this interview Samantha talks about being inspired by the new Gibraltar Stealth rack. Samantha is currently drumming for Brother Clyde, fronted by Billy Ray Cyrus. Brent designed a new rack for Samantha that he calls the Low Rider.
  • Percussionist Kevin Ricard's new drum rack for The Tonight Show

    In this video Gibraltar Hardware's Brent Barnett interviews percussionist Kevin Ricard to design his new drum rack. Kevin and his band, lead by Rickey Minor, had been the house band for American Idol for the past few years. They will now replace Kevin Eubanks's band as he exits The Tonight Show. 6/7/2010 was their first show.
  • Derek Kerswill's drum rack: Gibraltar Hardware tips

    Brent from Gibraltar Hardware talks about the drum rack he designed for drummer Derek Kerswill. If you're a touring drummer here are some good tips on how you could put your rack together, and why you should use a rack instead of stands. Derek did not want a huge rack, but did want the benefits of having the drums and cymbals in the same place each time he setup his drum kit without having to make small incremental adjustments.
  • Gibraltar's Extreme Drum Hardware Makeover Video (episode1)

    Extreme Drum Hardware Makeover is a fun new video to show drummers how they can customize their drum kits using Gibraltars endless hardware options for drum customization.
  • Gibraltar's Extreme Drum Hardware Makeover Video (episode 2)

    Extreme Drum Hardware Makeover is a new video series to show drummers how they can customize their drum sets using Gibraltar's endless hardware options for drum customization.
  • Drummer Gigs with New Custom Gibraltar Drum Rack (epsiode3)

    Part 3 of the Gibraltar Extreme Hardware Makeover series. In this video interview is Jagger of Opus Dai . He sets up and tears down his rack for the first time after having it customized or should we say Gibraltarized by the Gibraltar Hardware experts. Performing at the Troubadour in Hollywood Jagger gave the drum kit a work out. Afterward he hung around to let us know how the hardware performed.
  • Gibraltar Geosphere Drum Rack at Sam Ash Hollywood

    The geoshpere by Gibraltar Hardware was a hit at the NAMM show this year and Sam Ash has it on display in their showroom in Hollywood. This is a one of a kind custom designed rack and belongs as much in an art gallery as a music shop. It seems as much like sculpture as it does a drum rack, you have to see it to believe it.
  • New Custom Drum Rack at NAMM 2010

    Brent Barnett shows off this custom drum rack at NAMM 2010 and the "Geosphere" was a major hit. He used several new Gibraltar Hardware clamps: the GCS-450C 4-Post Curved Rack, SC-GCSRA Chrome Series Adjustable Right Angle Clamp, and SC-GUATC Chrome Series Ultra Adjust Tube Connector. The Geosphere Rack built and designed by Brent Barnett and Bryan Scheidecker of Gibraltar Hardware.
  • Tris Imboden: New custom drum rack set up

    Brent from Gibraltar Hardware shows how he built the new custom drum rack for Chicago drummer Tris Imboden.
  • Slipknot percussionist Shawn Crahan's drum set up

    Designing the custom drum rack for percussionist Shawn Crahan of Slipknot using Gibraltar Hardware. Brent Barnett, drum rack expert, demo's the building of the new design for Clown that will be used in his band Dirty Little Rabbits.
  • Mark Schulman custom drum rack for Pink's Funhouse Tour

    Mark Schulman talks about his custom drum rack and how it was set up for Pink's Funhouse tour. Gibraltar Hardware delivers the goods for this awesome rack. This is a behind the scenes look with drum tech Mark Bennett as he constructs this one of a kind custom drum hardware set up.
  • How to set up a clean looking drum rack: Gibraltar

    Gibraltar Hardware takes you threw the steps to how to set up a clean looking drum rack. Here we demo the Stealth VMS Vertical Mounting System along with a traditional cymbal stand equipped with a Hybrid Mounting pod gives this set up a clean look showing off the drum kit.
  • Aquiles Priester Talks Racks, Drum Set-ups & Music | Brent's Hang

  • Limp Bizkit's John Otto On His Set-up & Gear #1 | Brent's Hang

    Limp Bizkit's drummer John Otto talks about his drum set up and his favorite gear. John's a fan of the Gibraltar G Class pedal and talks about his move from drum racks to stands. This is part one in a two part series.
  • John Otto: On Writing Music & Being A Musician #2 | Brent's Hang

    Limp Bizkit's drummer John Otto talks about songwriting and the process he goes through with the band. John also talks about playing with a click track and gives some advice for drummers looking to break into the business. This is part two in a two part series.
  • Matt Sorum on the G Class Pedal #1 | Brent's Hang

    Subscribe to Gibraltar: Matt Sorum talks about his experience with Gibraltar's G Class pedal and how he's experimenting with the weighted beaters. This is part 1 in a 6 part interview with drummer Matt Sorum. Matt has been the drummer for The Cult, Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver and Kings of Chaos to name a few. Whether it's the epic percussive backdrop behind Guns N' Roses' "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" or the propulsive punked-out beat fueling Velvet Revolver's "Dirty Little Thing," Sorum's playing remains unique, undeniable and unforgettable. Sorum's presence extends far beyond the kit though.
  • Matt Sorum's Set-up from The Cult to Guns N' Roses #2

    Matt Sorum talks about his drum set up and how it has evolved over his playing career. This is part 2 in a 6 part interview with drummer Matt Sorum. Matt has been the drummer for The Cult, Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver and Kings of Chaos to name a few. Whether it's the epic percussive backdrop behind Guns N' Roses' "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" or the propulsive punked-out beat fueling Velvet Revolver's "Dirty Little Thing," Sorum's playing remains unique, undeniable and unforgettable. Sorum's presence extends far beyond the kit though.
  • Matt Sorum On Traditional Flat Based Stands #3

    Matt Sorum talks about his use of drum racks versus stands and his interest in Gibraltar's traditional looking flat based stands. This is part 3 in a 6 part interview with drummer Matt Sorum. Matt has been the drummer for The Cult, Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver and Kings of Chaos to name a few. Whether it's the epic percussive backdrop behind Guns N' Roses' "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" or the propulsive punked-out beat fueling Velvet Revolver's "Dirty Little Thing," Sorum's playing remains unique, undeniable and unforgettable. Sorum's presence extends far beyond the kit though.
  • Songwriting With Guns N' Roses | Matt Sorum Interview #4

    Matt Sorum talks about writing songs with Guns N' Roses and how their process worked to create their iconic songs. Matt talks about he Stash and Axel all had a great rapport and how they worked together to create a common language to create their music. This is part 4 of our 6 part series with drummer Matt Sorum. Matt has been the drummer for The Cult, Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver and Kings of Chaos to name a few.
  • Music, Writing & Playing Drums | Matt Sorum Interview #5

    Matt walks us through his thought process on creating music and what he brings to being a drummer. This is part 5 in our 6 part series of talking with Matt Sorum. This is part 5 of our 6 part series with drummer Matt Sorum. Matt has been the drummer for The Cult, Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver and Kings of Chaos to name a few.
  • Breaking into the Music Business | Matt Sorum #6

    Matt gives his advice to drummers on ways they can improve their chances of breaking into the music business and being a professional drummer. This is part 6 of our 6 part series with drummer Matt Sorum Matt has been the drummer for The Cult, Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver and Kings of Chaos to name a few.
  • DAREN PFEIFER writing process & performing with a click | Brent's Hang

    Daren Pfeifer, from Abilene Texas, earned his Bachelor degree in Music Education from Baylor University. Daren played with the Waco Symphony Orchestra as Principal Percussionist and was a member of the 1998 Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps.
  • NAMM 2014: CHRIS FRYAR from Zac Brown Band

    At NAMM 2014 Chris Fryar stopped by the our booth to chat about his drum set-up, Gibraltar and how he approaches music.
  • NAMM 2014 Gibraltar Artist Interview: CHESTER THOMPSON

    One of the best parts of NAMM is getting to interact with the Gibraltar endorsed artists who stop by to check out the booth. We had the pleasure to get to talk to Chester Thompson and gain a little insight into his process.
  • Life On Tour As A Drummer & A Dad | Brent's Hang

    In this interview Van Romaine, drummer for Enrique Iglesias, Nena and Steve Morse Band talks about life on tour and the challenges of being a dad at the same time.
  • Challenges of Being The Music Director & Drummer | Brent's Hang

    Van Romaine talks about his dual role as the music director and drummer for Enrique Iglesias.
  • Using Electronics with Gibraltar | Brent's Hang

    Drummer Van Romaine and Gibraltar's Brent Barnett discuss incorporating electronics with Gibraltar Hardware. Van tours with Enrique Iglesias, Nena and Steve Morse band among others.
  • Van Romaine Discusses Drum Racks vs Stands | Brent's Hang

    The Interview covers drummer Van Romaine's thoughts about when and why he chooses Gibraltar racks over Gibraltar stands and vice versa. Van still plays small gigs, often in new york while still playing larger tours with Enrique Iglesias, Nena, Steve Morse band among others.
  • Van Romaine's Drum Rack For Enrique Iglesias Tour | Brent's Hang

    Enrique Iglesias drummer Van Romaine talks about his Gibraltar drum rack designed for the tour and how style is important along with function.
  • Why Enrique Iglesias Drummer Van Romaine Chooses Gibraltar | Brent's Hang

    Van Romaine is a drummer for Enrique Iglesias, Nena, Steve Morse band and countless others. In this interview Van talks about his relationship with Gibraltar, why he chooses to use Gibraltar Hardware and how it performs on tour.
  • Outtakes From Drummers: Brent's Hang

    Listed below by artist and timeline is a compilation of outtakes from some of our interviews with Gibraltar endorsed drummers. Not everything makes it into our videos so we wanted to share a few things that you might find interesting.
    00:38 Rashid Williams: Drummer for JOHN LEGEND Fonz Hedgeman: Drum Tech
    02:38 Ryan MacMillan: Drummer for MATCHBOX TWENTY
    04:57 JT Rollerson: Drummer for ASAP ROCKY
    05:42 Glen Sobel: Drummer for ALICE COOPER Michael Miller: Drum Tech
    07:24 Greg Garman: Drummer for SELENA GOMEZ
  • Kevin Hastings' Vanity Machine Features Key Tree Keyboard Stand

    Kevin Hastings features the Key Tree in his new music video with Vanity Machine. Kevin, who does a little keyboard solo action, and Brent from Gibraltar Hardware talk about the inspiration behind the Key Tree rack design and how Kevin currently uses Gibraltar Hardware as a keyboard stand and DJ rack for his new band Vanity machine.
  • Glen Sobel and Gibraltar's Spider Rack on Tour with Alice Cooper

    Gibraltar Hardware's weekly webisode of Brent's Hang features Glen Sobel, drummer for Alice Cooper, and drum tech Michael Miller. The conversation is about playing style, stage presence, looking good on stage and what they demand from their gear to make it through a tour. Ray Luzier, Joey Jordison, and Neil Peart are three drummers Brent calls out not only because they are great drummers but they also have great stage presence. Glen Sobel and Michael Miller walk us through their customized Gibraltar Spider Rack and how it delivers the form and function they need.
  • Glen Sobel Interview with Gibraltar Hardware

    Glen Sobel talks about his upcoming tour this year with Alice Cooper, and discusses his move over to Gibraltar Hardware.
  • Brent's Hang with Omar Tavarez

    Brent chats with Pitbull Drummer Omar Tavarez about his specialized Spider Rack system.
  • Pitbull Drummer Omar Tavarez Talks Drum Racks

    Pitbull drummer Omar Tavarez talks about the new design for his drum rack and how he worked with Gibraltar Hardware to create his custom set up.
  • Santana Percussionist Karl Perazzo: Gibraltar Interview

    We talked Gibraltar Hardware with Karl Perazzo (percussionist) and Chad Tasky (drum tech) with Santana. Check out the drum rack that they use on tour and find out how easy Gibraltar makes life on the road for touring artists
  • Why Drummers Choose Gibraltar Hardware

    Pro drummers and percussionists talk about why they choose to use Gibraltar Hardware. Featured are Nat Scott, Luis Conte, Kevin Ricard, Dusty Saxton and Dave Beyer. Learn why pro musicians turn to Gibraltar Hardware when they tour and record. These distinguished artists have performed with Justin Timberlake, James Taylor, Christopher Cross, The Tonight Show and American idol among others.
  • Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts) Interview

    Jim Riley sits down to talk about making a dream rack, hardware choices and how you go about designing a 4-kick drum setup.
  • Scott Phillips (Creed/Alter Bridge) Interview

    Scott Phillips sits down with us backstage at the Mohegan Sun Arena to talk about drum racks and the in-and-outs of setup and tear down on tour.
  • John Otto (Limp Bizkit) Gibraltar Hardware Interview

    John Otto, drummer for Limp Bizkit, takes time to talk about his Gibraltar Hardware rack setup before a show at the Toyota Oakdale Theatre. John talks about how his custom rack works on stage with his enormous (12 drum, 12 cymbal) kit.
  • Lifehouse Rick Woolstenhulme - Gibraltar Interview

    Rick Woolstenshulme, drummer for Lifehouse, sits down with us before a show at the MGM Grand Theater at the Foxwoods Casino. It's pretty clear that Rick loves chrome - and his Gibraltar gear. He talks chrome, touring and drumming in this backstage chat.
  • Rihanna keyboard player Kevin Hastings Interview

    Kevin Hastings, keyboard player for Rihanna and now the Music Director for Adam Lambert, talks about his new Keyboard rack setup from Gibraltar. Kevin takes us on-stage before a show at the Mohegan Sun Arena to show us how Gibraltar makes his life easier. He was the touring keyboard player on Rihanna's massive world tour.
  • Cage The Elephant- drummer Jared Champion Interview: Gibraltar

    We sat down with Cage the Elephant drummer Jared Champion before a show at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut. Jared talks about drumming, drum hardware and the new album 'Thank You Happy Birthday'.
  • Megadeth Drummer Shawn Drover and Gibraltar Hardware

    We had a chance to catch up with Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover and talk about the latest tours, dvd's and upcoming plans for the band. Shawn also gave us some insight into why he chooses Gibraltar Hardware to get him through such a rigorous touring schedule.
  • LP Percussionist Bashiri Johnson and Gibraltar Hardware

    Bashiri Johnson has been a part of the Gibraltar family for over a decade and we were thrilled when he put together this compilation video to show us just how he feels about Gibraltar after all these years. Bashiri is a first call percussionist - as well as an educator, writer and producer. Stay tuned for more from Bashiri and his latest endeavors in the months to come.
  • Lamb of God's Chris Adler and Gibraltar!

    We recently caught up with Chris while on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival to find out how Gibraltar Hardware works for him!
  • Drummers talk about Gibraltar Hardware

    We interviewed some of todays best drummers and percussionist and asked them to define what Gibraltar Hardware means to them in 5 words or less. Watch what they had to say.
  • Funny video of drummers with Gibralto Man at NAMM Show

    Gibralto Man, the new Frontman for Gibraltar Hardware, was very popular at the 2010 NAMM Show. Take a look at some of the biggest names in percussion stop by to have fun with Gibralto Man - including: Mark Schulman, Jonathan Moffett, Gregg Potter. Bryan Hitt, Derek Kerswill, Clayton Cameron and David Lauser.
  • Behind the music with Kid Rock's Drummer Stefanie Eulinberg

    An interview with Stefanie Eulinberg, Kid Rock's drummer during their tour discussing early days being on tour. She has played with Kid Rock on the David Letterman show to countless concerts around the country.