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If you can dream it, you can build it with Gibraltar! Here are some suggestions on how to enjoy a smooth ride designing and building your dream rack.

Gibraltar makes everything in drum hardware, and it can be a bit overwhelming to see it all in one place! There are links here for stands, racks, parts, maintenance and repair, and wearables. We suggest you browse your favorite artist's set up in the artist roster for ideas and inspiration on how your rack could look and function. Then follow the main menu to hardware and from there go to racks and clamps. Click on starter packs.

A starter kit is the best foundation for most racks, this kit includes everything you need to build a rack right out of the box. Styles include a basic V-pipe rack that outfits a standard five-piece drum kit or electronic drum kit (model GRSP-V); a curved rack version with two side wings for extra mounting (model GRSP-CW); and the V-style rack (model GRSP-VW) with two side wing extensions right from the box that can handle your core rig. But naturally you will want to make your own statement. Gibraltar has assembled examples of customization for you to see and draw ideas from. First, check out and familiarize yourself with the Rack Factory offering. The obvious move is to add a wing or the larger side extension, and some starter kits already come with these. They increase your mounting space to the sides. But there's more than one way to do it, so Gibraltar has assembled examples of various combinations. See them by using the main menu to return to the Rack Factory page and clicking on sample setups. Scroll through options. Here you'll see many different permutations of Gibraltar Racks as well as detailed listings of the clamps, arms, and accessories used.

Now make a mental picture of your dream rack. What does it need to do for you? For example, some drummers want to have a rack that's beautiful, cool, sexy or industrial looking. Some drummers need their drumset to have a small footprint. Some need a large footprint. Some simply need to have consistent placement of their instruments, day after day. The Gibraltar Rack Factory can do any and all of that

Feel like a kid in a candy store? Good! This is a good time gather up pencil and paper. Lots of paper. Now, make a list of the drums and cymbals and other instruments that you currently have. To that, add a list of instruments you plan to acquire soon. These will determine the basic foundation you need, and also the number of clamps and cymbal arms you will require.

Make some doodles on your pages, placing your instruments where you like. Remember, you are no longer limited by conventional mounting and placement! With Gibraltar Rack Factory, you can place more instruments more exactly where you want them. You can build your rack up, out, forward, back- anything you want.

Jot down your ideas about how want things to be arranged. Next, go through your doodles and count up the number of clamps and arms you want, remembering that starter kits come complete with some clamps, arms and memory locks. List at the ready, select custom parts and accessories from the main menu. Here you can browse all the rack clamps, cymbal arms, percussion arms, hi hats, stands, everything. In fact, if your heart is set on having a very wild, swooping, chromed bar crazy rack, you can peruse extra rack bars here, too.

Now is the time to use up some paper! Many drummers design and then re-design their dream rack many times over as they discover more and different kinds of clamps and mounts from Gibraltar. Just a few examples to jar your creative juices are the SC-RC casters for racks (anybody need to move their drums around a crowded room?) and also the SC-GRSAAC Road Series adjustable clamp (which allows for crazy angles of tubing!), and the 9607NL no leg Liquid Drive Hi Hat Stand (no legs to clutter the floor)!

When you've got it penciled in to your satisfaction, take your dream list and your doodles to your Gibraltar Representative at your favorite music store. Thanks to Gibraltar's Rack Factory Tour, there are qualified Rack Factory reps available nation wide. They can help with any remaining questions, offer good ideas, and refine your order to perfect specifications. Soon you'll be drumming on your very own, one-of-a-kind, Gibraltar Custom Rack!