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Gibraltar Hardware proudly introduces the ground breaking "G-Class" pedal - the latest addition to the Turning Point hardware line.

9711GS Gibraltar G-Class Single Bass Drum Pedal w/carrying case

The new G-Class was inspired by the demand for a pedal that could offer an ideal blend of power, speed, and style. The result is exactly that. This pedal is loaded with cool new control features and elegantly fuses innovation and function.
  6700 Series Bass Drum Pedals

6711S Dual Chain Double CAM Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal
6711DB Dual Chain Double CAM Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal

Fast, double CAM action with simple execution. New features include; fast touch "G" pedal board design and dual surface balanced bass drum beater. Single pedals have a two bearing per drive system; four on double pedals.
  5700 Series Bass Drum Pedals

5711S Single Chain CAM Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal
5711DB Single Chain CAM Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal

Clean and simple with quick response. New features include;
fast touch "G" pedal board design and dual surface
balanced bass drum beater.
  Gibraltar's award winning Turning Point Hardware continues to grow in popularity, and now for 2013 the line is growing to offer a complete line of light weight yet heavy duty professional hardware.

9707TP-DP Turning Point Hi-Hat Stand with QR Hi-Hat clutch

This new Hi-Hat stand features the light weight Turning Point L-bar Aluminum Arrow Lite leg base along with Gibraltar's direct pull drive system giving outstanding player response, easy action, and less weight to carry.
  9706UA-TP Turning Point Ultra Adjust Snare Stand

This low profile snare stand utilizes Gibraltar's Turning Point L-bar Aluminum Arrow Lite leg base to take the weight out of the stand. This stand also features the Ultra adjust snare basket adjustment giving unlimited positioning with a single T lock that locks in position.
  6700 Series Stands

Professional in features yet light enough in weight and mass for easy transport. Double-braced tripod assembly provides maximum stability without heavy weight.

6706 Pro Double Braced Snare Stand
6707 Pro Double Braced Hi-Hat Stand
6709 Pro double Braced Boom Cymbal Stand
6710 Pro Double Braced Straight Cymbal Stand
  5700 Series Stands

These stands utilize all professional features in a low-mass double-braced stand. Double braced tripod with cast height assembly and Gibraltar's exclusive round rubber feet provide stability without a large profile.

5706 Medium Weight Double Braced Snare Stand
5706EX Medium Weight Double Braced Extended Weight Snare Stand
5707 Medium Weight Double braced Hi-Hat Stand
5709 Medium Weight Double Braced Boom Cymbal Stand
5710 Medium Weight Double Braced Straight Cymbal Stand
  "To Go" Compact Telescoping Hi Hat Stand

GLRHH-SB Lightning Rod Telescoping Single Braced Hi-Hat Stand

Gibraltar brings you the first fully adjustable hi hat stand; this stand is great for quick set up and tear down; it also gives infinite adjustments due to the telescoping hi hat rod. This stand adjusts to very low playing height settings and allows the hi hat pull rod to telescope down to match the setting. For break down the stands upper tube and pull rod independently telescope to a transport setting, no more loose hi hat rods and upper tube sections to drop or lose.
  The new 8707 Hi-Hat stand is a true flat based design that is now lighter and faster with a new direct drive system. This clean design looks and plays great plus is lighter and more portable for transport

8707 Hi-Hat Stand with Flat Base and New Direct Drive System

• True flat base design with back up tripod memory lock
• Direct drive system cleaner than standard chain drives
• Portable design is light and easy for transport
  9908 4-Post "Comfort Seat" Throne with Oversized Moto Style Lumbar Contoured Seat

Being comfortable when you play is critical to your performance, Gibraltar introduces one of the most comfortable thrones you'll ever sit on. This starts with a solid 4-post throne base foundation with spindle height adjustment with a 17" oversized motorcycle styled seat special designed lower lumbar contour support built in to the seat.

• Oversized motorcycle seat with contoured lower lumbar support
• 4-post throne base with oversized rubber feet
• Spindle height adjustment
  Dunnett Boutique Custom Drum Parts & Accessories

SC-GR-4TO-C R-Class Throw off
SC-GR-4L-C Ludwig Style Throw off
SC-GR-7-C Roto Style Throw off
SC-GW845 George Way Throw off and Butt End
SC-GRUC R-Class Universal Hoop Clamp
SC-GREKEY-M R-Class E key Drum Key Metal
SC-GREKEY-P R-Class E key Drum Key Poly
  GCP Cajon Pedal with Mount and Cajon Beater

Take your cajon to a new level of playing with Gibraltar's new Cajon pedal. Great for drummers as it lets you play the cajon "drum set style" with your foot. Just attach the C-clamp style pedal mount to your cajon, mount the slave pedal to the mount on the playing side of the cajon, then place the primary pedal into a comfortable position and youre ready to go! Righty or lefty does not matter.
  Gibraltar Compact Performance Stools

Gibraltar has developed compact performance stools, new seating options for all musicians'. These performance stools are built with Gibraltar hardware features like the super rubber foot that creates a solid foundation, all cast metal parts with no metal to metal contact, tripod memory lock, and adjustable footrest.

GGS10S Short 21" stool with round seat, fold up tripod with foot rest
GGS10T Tall 27" stool with round seat, fold up tripod with foot rest
GGSLBR Lower Lumbar backrest support with mounting plate and screws

  Port Hole Protector Rings and Bass Drum Head Cutter.

Gibraltar protector rings come in white, black, and chrome finishes and are designed to protect the ported hole cut into your bass drum head. Available in 4 and 6 inch sizes, these two piece rings snap onto both sides of the bass drum head providing extra protection.

SC-GPHP-4C Port Hole Protector 4-inch chrome finish
Also available; black and white finish

SC-GPHP-6B Port Hole Protector 6-inch black finish
Also available; chrome and white finish

SC-GPHCUTO Gibraltar Port Hole Protectors