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  6000 Series Cymbal Stands

Gibraltar Upgrades 6000 Series Cymbal Stands with Swing Nut fast cymbal mounting system.

6609-TP Turning Point Medium - weight boom cymbal stand
6610-TP Turning Point Medium - weight straight cymbal stand

Professional in features yet light enough in weight and mass for easy transport. Double-braced tripod assembly provides maximum stability without heavy weight. And new for 2012, Gibraltar has added the Swing Nut fast cymbal mounting system to 6000 series straight and boom cymbal stands.
  Ultra Adjust Cymbal Boom Stand

Newest entry to the Award Winning Gibraltar Turning Point Hardware Offering;

9709UA-TP Ultra Adjust Cymbal Mini Boom Stand

The new Ultra Adjust Mini Boom Cymbal Stand is perfect for tight set ups and multi cymbal mounting situations. The tripod features Gibraltar's Arrowlite chrome plated aluminum L-stock leg base creates a solid foundation and is light-weight for easy transport. A extra long second tier tube measures 20" long and is outfitted with Gibraltar's patented Ultra Adjust gearless system giving infinite cymbal positioning for the boom arm with one tightening point. The stand is topped with a 10" mini hideaway boom arm, gearless brake tilter Swing Nut fast cymbal mounting system.
  Swing Nut Adaptor

Gibraltar Swing Nut Adaptor “The Rocket” will make your cymbal stands a whole lot faster

SC-SNA Swing Nut Rocket fast cymbal mount adaptor

Add Gibraltar's new Rocket Swing Nut adaptor to your cymbal stand and make cymbal mounting a whole lot faster. The Swing Nut Rocket screws over the existing 8mm tilter creating a new fast cymbal mounting system.
  Delmar Wrap Retro-Chic Softy Drum Throne

Gibraltar introduces the most comfortable throne ever now offered in a one of a kind retro chic design.

9708-SFT-BD Black Diamond Softy throne
9708-SFT-WTS White Tiger Stripe

The Gibraltar Softy throne incorporates a 5" thick cushion and an outer layer of plush courdura fabric creating a soft and comfortable sitting surface. The throne side panels are outfitted with exclusive Delar drum wrap covering.
  GIBRALTAR Quick Release Hi Hat Clutch

Fastest Hi Hat Clutch Cymbal Mount Ever!

SC-QRHHC Quick Release Hi Hat Clutch

On the heels of the award winning Turning Point hardware Gibraltar introduces a new SC-QRHHC Quick Release Hi Hat Clutch.

Save time and aggravation with this revolutionary clutch system, just pull on the metal sleeve and the auto clutch releases. Slip off the felts mount your hi hat cymbal then push in at the bottom of the metal sleeve and you’re locked in place. All metal design uses a spring and ball bearings to hold sleeve in place.

This is the best hi hat clutch ever! Fast and easy to use, saves you time and aggravation!
  B9708 Single Braced throne (base only)

• Rock Solid single-braced throne base
• Die cast seat height adjustment system
• Adjusts from 21" to 30"
• Exclusive round rubber foot support
  Lug Locks

Gibraltar Swing Nut Adaptor “The Rocket” will make your cymbal stands a whole lot faster

SC-GLL Ultra Adjust Cymbal Mini Boom Stand

Keep your drum in tune with Gibraltar’s lug locks. Simply install over the head of the tension rod to keep
the drum from detuning. Packaged 6 pieces to a bag these items are a must have in your stick bag.
  Quick T-Leg Clamp

Gibraltar’s New Rack Quick T-Leg clamp

A New Rack Quick T-Leg Clamp adds a speedy option to Gibraltar’s extensive line of hardware offerings. This new quick T-leg clamp design drastically reduces the time it takes to attach a T leg rack section to a vertical post. Two separate hinged clamps are used to expedite the attachment process. One clamp works on the T-Leg itself and is mounted at an angle so it’s easy to tighten with a drum key. The vertical tube section slides easily into the tube and tightens with a big T handle. The SC-GRSQT quick clamp is plated in RD Series black and the SC-GCRQT new chrome series. Also available as mini and standard T-leg packages in black or chrome.