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Discontinued Items
Turning Point Series
Gibraltar?s Turning Point cymbal tripod base is made from chrome plated L-stock aluminum in a sleek arrow design.
DT 9600 Series
From the classic round to the motorcycle style throne the 9600 series is sure to have something to fit any style drummer.
Intruder Series Pedals
Our Intruder Series is one of the industry?s finest and most reliable pedals, featuring cam, direct drive and sprocket drives.
9600 Series
Offered in two drive systems with step tension adjustment, moveable and no leg bases options, with quick release rock stabilizer plates.
Catapult Linear Motion Bass Drum Pedal
The Catapult pedal is designed to provide true response from the players? foot to the playing surface of the bass drum using natural ankle motion.
DT 7700 Series
7000 Series
Elliptical leg base assembly provides maximum stability without the double-braced weight or large leg spread.
8600 Series
Vintage flat base design gives a vintage look with top performance features. Key adjust tension adjustment, low mass leg base gives extra room for multi stand placement.
Avenger Series Pedals
The Avenger Series utilizes the same cam drive system as the Intruder with simpler execution.
DT 6600 Series
7700 Series
Classic Elliptical leg base performs like double brace without the weight. Direct pull drive action with step tension adjustment.
DT 5600 Series
JZ Series
Ideal balance of professional features, lightweight steel construction and low-mass design.
Prowler Series Pedals
Single chain Cam drive action gives fast response in a simple design.
6600 Series
Heavy weight double-braced tripod design with hinged height adjustment, cast frame, moveable leg base, and step tension adjustment.
DT 3308VA
Velocity Strap Series Pedals
Down and dirty pedals designed to be straightforward and fast.
5600 Series
Medium weight double-braced tripod base with key adjust tension, hinged height adjustment and cast frame with rotating leg base.
JZ Series
Lightweight steel construction and low-mass design.
Ultra Adjust
Allows the player to position the stand in a comfortable leg playing position and independently position the hi-hat cymbals for best playing placement.