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Andrew Alkemade
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Andrew Alkemade started banging the skins at 7 years of age and for years played to his favorite AC/DC records. He found his true passion on the kit at 15 playing drums with his high school mates. As he progressed with drums collecting vintage kits, experimenting with genres and finding new albums and drummers to listen to he developed what some would call a 70's perspective on drums.

Andrew's influences Include drummers such as Ginger baker, Mitch Mitchell's, Ian Paice, Cosy Powell, John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Bill Ward and many more which led him to love the sound and feel of big drums.

Andrew currently plays drums for Australian band Dead City Ruins. While only joining in 2013 he has already toured, Australia, Europe, Skandinavia and the Uk on the release of their second studio album titled 'Dead City Ruins'.

Andrew is also drummer, lead vocalist and co-songwriter for Melbourne band Two Headed, who have released their first studio album, "Cuidado Con El Perro" (Beware of the Dog).

Current tour set up is a 2013 Renown RN1 maple kit in Satin Black.

16x24 bass drum
10x13 Tom
16x16 floor Tom
6.5x14 brass snare